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7th August 2015
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Lathus Night Market
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There were stalls set up by the producers, with fruits and veg, breads and cheeses and a wide variety of meat for the barbeque as well as dried spiced meats. We tried a sample of goats' cheese, and duly bought a larger version to take home. We had a herb omelette from the egg farmer and some very nice hot chips and a cold beer. A French couple sat opposite and got chatting to us, partly in English, mostly in French. He used to train Concorde pilots in Filton near Bristol, on the auto-pilot systems. He & his wife were just en route from Lyon to their home in Chatellerault, just stopped off at the event for a bit to eat. Fascinating though, talking to these people we'll never meet again. The atmosphere was very relaxed and sociable, just right.
We've skipped the Producers' Markets in Le Dorat after the first two - it gets too busy and too hot in the shadeless square there during peak holiday season. But we do like the similar but smaller event in Lathus.
It's held by the church, under the shade of the avenue of trees.
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The chaps on the barbeque were kept busy.
Lovely location on a fine, warm evening.
Preserved meats and fine cheeses.
Artisan bread, mmmm