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28th July 2015
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It was back in April 2008 that we put up a 'tonnelle' (what IS the word in English?) to give us some shade on our front terrace. See here for a blast from the past.  After 7 years of weather, the metal frame had rusted, been patched and become dangerously frail, so we took it down before it fell down on someone's head.   Time for a new one! 
The old canvas canopy had been replaced 3 times and all had been a right pain to take down every time a storm was forecast. So we found one with a canopy that pulls back with a drawstring that even I could reach. Roger and Pauline kindly came round to help - when it's constructed, it's much easier to manoeuvre with one bod on each leg. The chaps even measured it to check it was square...
Of course the screw-holes on the legs to fix it to the terrace were in a different place from the old tonnelle, involving much discussion about drill bits, screw sizes and rawlplugs.
I was in charge of interpreting the instructions and finding the right piece in the right order; the taller people fixed them.
...although I did tie the ties in neat bows!
Et voilą! Job done, no problems, no arguments and no injuries. We're quite impressed by the quality of it.
Coffee and biscuits as a reward. The modern style suits the house, the dark grey aluminium structure matches the ironwork on the shutters, the canvas matches the render, it looks right at home here.