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18th July 2015
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Darnac Do
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This year our own commune, Darnac, decided to put on the firework 'do' in Darnac rather than down by the river.
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The tables had been set up under marquee cover, plus a counter for hot dogs and chips, and a bar for wine and beer. A large dance-floor was lit with strobing disco lights together with stage and the full disco DJ set-up. It was well attended, for a small commune! We enjoyed a barquette of chips and a bevy or two with Pauline, David and Jill.
The firework display over the adjacent cemetery, set to very loud music to increase the drama, was fantastic. Then we even had a bop (except Tony, Tony doesn't do dancing...) on the dancefloor, in spite of the 26 degree heat, yes even at 11pm. Oh I do love the firework season!
The weekend of 25-26th July there was the annual 'Fete Aerienne' in Blond. It's a gathering of all things of the air, model planes, micro-lights, light aircraft, and balloons.
Sadly we couldn't go this year as we had a changeover on the Saturday and Mum's regular visit on the Sunday (we didn't think pushing her round the field in a wheelchair would have worked...).
But early Sunday morning, we heard the telltale 'whooo' sound of a hot-air balloon sailing past our house on its way to the Fete.