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12th July 2015
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Artisans' Market
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Last year's Artisan Market in Le Dorat was a wash-out - rain lashed down all day. Luckily this year's weather was much better!
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The town looks at its best, colourful, clean and tidy with the narrow streets of the old quarter lined with craft stalls.
A pop-up smithy. Boy, he must have been a bit warm, hammering iron in front of that fire.
There's always a bloke with a microphone, relaying info and opinion through the PA all over town. (Shut up!)
The basketmaker's wares spread out, next to a collection of classic cars, lovingly polished and gleaming, admired by many.
Mum listened to the brass band. I never know why the band members stand in a circle facing each other, rather than the audience. I noticed their playing has improved over the last few years... they're really pretty good.