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21st June 2015
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Family Sunday Birthday Lunch
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Crepe with seasonal red fruits and strawberry sorbet...
To celebrate Mum's 94th birthday we went for lunch at the Creperie in Tersannes. As it was such a lovely day we ate out on the terrace in the shade of the awning.
My savoury crepe was filled with blue cheese and walnuts with sunblush tomatoes... this is my usual choice as it could not possibly be more delicious. Fortunately you don't have to be hungry to have a dessert... crepe with chantilly cream, dark chocolate and pistachio ice-creams, pistachio nuts and drizzled with chocolate. Heaven.
Then on Thursday the first of the summer's Producers' Markets was held in the Collegiale square. In our opinion this first one is the best, before it gets too hot in the unshaded square, before it gets too busy and noisy. The atmosphere was relaxed and very good natured, the stalls uncrowded, the chips good and hot and crispy, with time and space to chat to friends.

There's a higher proportion of French people and locals, before the school holidays and the summer visitors arrive.

Mum came too, and really enjoyed the event, happy to people-watch and eat sausage and chips.
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We did well for eating out this week, as we also took Mum for a very nice lunch on the Tuesday, her actual birthday, to La Petite Fontaine.