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7th June 2015
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For a slightly more modest cost, we treated ourselves to a cocktail, just the one. Then we walked along the line of restaurants on the seafront, trying to find one that served anything vegetarian. Tony had a bowl of creamy mushroom tagliatelle, and I had an aubergine starter and a chocolate fondant dessert, plus the cheapest bottle of wine they had, very nice but a bit steep at 61. Still, the view of the sun sinking across the bay was pretty spectacular.
The promenade stretches all along the wide beach, with a set of beautiful sculptures in shiny aluminium, of figures, in family groups, couples, singles.
There is some gorgeous architecture in Arcachon, evidence of plenty of upgrading, mixing characterful old with stylish new. Property prices are astronomical: apartments in renovated grand buildings overlooking the sea...up to 2million.
Dessert. Not big, but exquisite.
Next morning the sky was blue and cloudless, the breeze brisk and refreshing. A perfect day for a boat trip...
The pleasure boats go from the end of both piers, tickets sold from the row of huts. Boats take you around the bay, to one of the islands, or across the bay to Le Cap Ferret where we chose to go.