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10th May 2015
May Blooms
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We've had to replace the canvas cover for the canopy at the front too, the last one having suffered the wind and the weather for a few years. Of course we couldn't find one to fit exactly but with a some elastic and velcro, and Tony cutting off the protruding 10cm of roof rails, it'll do. The metal frame won't last much longer, having been repaired and strengthened several times. In England we used to crave the sun, here we need the shade - it will be much used.
Tony took seed from some blue aquilegia growing wild in the steep-sided ditch near home, and grew them for our garden where they have proliferated.
The garden is May is delightful. Every few days another plant or shrub bursts into flower. The snowball tree behind the gite is stunning, heavy with huge globes of blossom. The white lilac is gorgeous and the evening scent is just lovely. The new tree peony flowered for the first time; sadly a strong wind from the west broke off the stem but I rescued it, gave it a vase and it bloomed happily for several days indoors. The deep blue irises have been amazing this year. They may only be in flower a short time but it is dramatic.
White lilac
Snowball tree
Tree peony