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1st May 2015
May - Oui!
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Team photo: Roger, Lee, Tony, Pauline and me.
We added a table and chairs, and toasted the new outdoor room. We'll be using this a lot. Not bad for a view, eh?
The awning frame seems huge. The two of us managed to construct it from rather vague instructions, but it needed more bodies to fit it in place. Lee, Roger and Pauline were roped in and with five project managers there was no lack of suggestions on how to do it. On only the second attempt (first holes too high, duh) it was screwed to the wall, the two legs fixed v-e-r-y carefully to the new terrace, and the cover fitted with bobbled bungees to the frame.
A large part of construction is standing around talking about it.
Fortunately the prevailing wind is from the other side of the house, because we won't be taking this awning down very often. Like, once a year, for winter.