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21st April 2015
April Flowers
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While white predominates, not everything in the garden is blanc.. our bi-colour lilac is bursting out.
This amazing explosion of blossom is our crab-apple tree. It was half a metre high when we planted it, on 28th April 2008.  Back here...
The cherry tree is also loaded with pretty blossom, promising a heavy harvest and a jamboree of cherry jelly.
The head gardener has been busy, planting out our latest acquisitions, moving stuff around, concentrating our flowers into the one bed right in front of the house. We're gradually reducing the weeding commitment and filling the space with plants.
This is one happy tree, covered in pink buds opening into white flowers, a-buzz with insects.
In April we are still getting the occasional misty morning. Opening the shutters early on 21st April, the sun peeking over the horizon through the mist made me reach for the camera.