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12th April 2015
Spring form
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The flower beds have bloomed, everything's put on a spurt of growth, the various daffs have flowered enthusiastically. It's a pleasure to be out in the garden again.
Someone loves their car... Showing off outside the chateau.
As soon as the chickens realise you're digging, they come running, poking their heads in, looking for juicy morsels, worms, larvae, snails, not fussy - any bug will be gratefully gobbled. This does make weeding rather difficult, but more entertaining.
We took Mum to the plant fair at the chateau in Magnac Laval. The weather was gorgeous again this year, bringing out lots of people for browsing and buying. Very tempting, very healthy vigorous plants, we went away with armfuls.
Mum had a good time, as chief people- watcher and plant minder.