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10th March 2015
Finishing the Driveway
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We'd carefully calculated the depth of gravel we wanted, sectioned up the driveway and measured the area, and came up with a precise volume of gravel required...
So Tony and I filled the wheelbarrow several times and spread some out on the gite's driveway to top that up. I can't imagine why we thought we'd not be doing some back-breaking work ourselves... never gonna happen.
So when that amount was delivered, it was, of course, nowhere near enough. Two loads more were ordered and dumped, shovelled and shifted along the now neatly edged driveway. Now there was too much. Duh!
We've re-distributed the soil, levelled the old parking area and seeded it with grass. Now the drive's finished and it looks so, so much better. Total cost, around 3,100 euros although that includes a bunch of the little blocks and other materials to complete another project... more on that later. It's only taken ten years, but finally the drive looks good.