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5th March 2015
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Click here to see the estate agent's advert for this house.
Meanwhile, staying out of the way and away from any danger of physical work, I have been creative indoors. I made a rather fabulous cheese scone - singular, large scone for sharing. Nigel Slater's recipe (half quantity) - with added mustard powder, resulted in an unbelievably gorgeous lunch yesterday.
It was fully renovated at the same time as our house was built, and has only been used as a holiday home since then. It's in a fabulous position at the edge of the hamlet with views out across the valley. So if you don't mind us as neighbours...
The house across the road from ours is up for sale.
Chickens sunbathing in a sheltered corner by the front door, dozing in the afternoon. We tried confining them to the fenced run during building works, but they were having none of that. After the fifth escape, we gave up and let them stay out.
Cheese Scone recipe here
Crafty! Much pleasure derived from making stuff, this time some squishy apples. Created from scraps from my considerable stash of lovely fabrics. You may ask: 'what for?'. Because I can, I say. My favourite part is the pips!
It's bright, sunny and warm (in the sun, not so much in the shade) so we took the opportunity for the first coffee on the terrace this year, at the Café de la Poste in Le Dorat. The first of many.
And I made a tiny waistcoat for the turquoise teddy, with little metallic beads for buttons and handstitched buttonholes and pocketflaps. Cute!