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26th February 2015
Uh-oh, another lorry. This time delivering building materials to our house ... oh, no, not another project?!
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Oops. A truck driver failed to notice the roundabout, where the road to Bellac crosses the ringroad. The truck had carved two deep ruts through the grassy roundabout, then run off between two exit roads, plunging down onto waste ground. Fortunately it was still the right way up, and the windscreen was intact ... so it could have been worse. It took two heavy-duty tow trucks to drag it upslope back onto the roundabout, as well as several police vehicles and quite a number of gendarmes to stop the traffic. There's a near-constant stream of lorries using this bypass around Bellac so it's a wonder there aren't more accidents like this. A bit of excitement on our way to the Saturday market!
Yes, we're having the drive done. Ten years ago the builders made the driveway in a mixture of grit, dust, gravel and rocks.
In the spot where they'd dumped a load of hardcore we've been parking the car, and using it to clean out the cement mixer, resulting in an unsightly area of ankle-breaking rocks. This has to go!
The lower part of the drive has deteriorated into mud. All along the track weeds have invaded, been sprayed with weed-killer, decomposed and gone slimy. The edges, never properly defined, have become very untidy where grass has encroached in some places and receded in others.