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26th February 2015
In February ...
Another crafting creation, the bunny as well as the outfit. It's the tiniest details that give the most pleasure... like the handstitched kerchief in the pocket. Yes, I know I'm sad.
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.. we've had the occasional fine day in between the wet stuff, which is nice.
As expected, we needed a second delivery of pellets for the stove. The pallet-lifting gizmo got stuck in the mud and could only bring it this far... ten metres from the covered terrace where we intended to keep the sacks. Out of the rain, out of the garage which we are actually using to keep the car in, and close enough to the fire for easy access.
So we had to shift them one sack at a time and re-stack them on another pallet. I did help, honest.
We're both trying to lose some kilos and are doing quite well... by cutting out (well, cutting down drastically..) on eveningtime nibbles and wine. But we're not giving up eating delicious things. I made crumpets which were the best ever, toasted hot, buttery and topped with Philly, but they were lunch, not an in-between snack.
A little treat for us, first thing one morning.... one of the darling cats had climbed up onto the shelf and knocked down a basket full of walnuts. They went everywhere..
The utility room had floor-tiles as a worktop and behind the sink - not pretty and hard to keep clean, so we did a mini-makeover. The perfectly sized 1.26 metre ex-Ikea white worktop came from The Shed at 15 euros. The tiles we had stored in our barn for the last 10 years, left over from the kitchen tiling. I just bought some tile cement and grout for a few euros. Tiled one afternoon and grouted the next. I actually enjoyed this!
A very satisfying little project which has lifted the light levels in this windowless room and made it so much cleaner.