Limousin Living
Life in the heart of France
2nd January 2015
In January...
When it's cold wet or windy (most days) the cats stay in all day sleeping. Even when awake they can hardly keep their eyes open.
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.. we are mostly hibernating. We did venture out for a crÍpe or two to mark our birthdays, in Tersannes with John and Vicki...
.. and in a bright but freezing Mont-
morillon, just the two of us.
We let the chickens have the run of the whole garden when there are no guests here. They do make a mess of the terraces, but they love wandering freely, don't seem to mind getting wet, and often snuggle down under cover by the back door.
Our indoors time is spent making music (Tony) and making crafty things (me) taking inspiration from the excellent "Quilt & Sew Country Style" book that Tony kindly gave me for my birthday. Many happy hours spent listening to Radio 2, with fabrics, threads and stuffing.
The pellet- burning stove is a great success. It's programmed to start up at 07:30 for two hours, then we turn it back on as and when needed. Haven't needed the underfloor electric heating at all, so far.